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Scranton, PA 18505



UPSTAIRS: 3 Beds, 1 Bath
DOWNSTAIRS: Fully Opened Space

* Separate electric boxes on each floor

1,156 sq. ft.,  2,705 sq. ft lot

YARD: 33x43 + full barn and back porch

BEDROOM SIZES:      9.5' x 10.5',
                                10.5' x 14',
                                  14' x 11'


Est. Taxes/year: $1200


This double zoned property (commercial downstairs/residential upstairs) is ideal for a business or private practice on the first floor and a good sized apartment upstairs. There are some maintenance and repairs necessary to get this property up to full potential with the majority being cosmetic issues (clean up, painting, possible window replacement etc). Sink and toilet needs to be hooked up but they are upstairs and intact. Once the upstairs in cleaned, painted and rearranged is has the potential to be a very nice living space that rents for a good rate. The downstairs is a completely open floor plan so it can be molded into whatever the buyer or tenant of the buyer would like. Currently it is totally filled with inventory from the seller's fabric business but it has been agreed upon that once a deal is in place the seller will move the inventory to a storage facility so it is out of the way. They are currently no known encumbrances on the property. With a low price tag and a high cap rate this duplex has cash flow property written all over it!




Rental Info*:
UPSTAIRS: Projected rent/mo. $650
DOWNSTAIRS: Projected rent/ mo. $850
TOTAL Projected Rent/mo. $1500
Gross Rent/ year $18,000

*disclaimer: theses are estimated prices based on market research in similar locations



Property value based on purchase price plus an estimated $12,000 repair and maintenance cost

Comparable properties recently sold in the same area (source:

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